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      Ming Qing Aged Rosewood "Moonlit Lotus Pond" Erhu by XCF
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      Ming Qing Aged Rosewood "Moonlit Lotus Pond" Erhu by XCF

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      Here is an Erhu that manages to integrate both form and function seamlessly! 

      The intricate carvings on the Erhu's headstock depicts a lotus pond bathed serene moonlight. Each detail is lovingly rendered by its maker, evoking an air of elegance. The Erhu sounds fantastic as well, possessing a rich and sonorous tone.

      Sounding great on stage while functioning equally well as a decorative piece, this Erhu will be a splendid addition to your collection!

      XCF is an Erhu maker from Wuxi (Suzhou).  He comes from a family of Erhu makers and improves on what his predecessors have done. His Erhus exhibit the typical sweet Suzhou tone which most are familiar with.

      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

      Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course!


      SKU Code XCF02
      Material Ming Qing Aged Rosewood
      Origin China, Suzhou
      Grade Concert
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Case, Bow
      Good to know - Intricately Carved Headstock
      - Rich and Full Tone
      - Typical Sweet Suzhou Tone