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      Professional Grade Basswood Zhongruan by Liang Hao

      Basswood (Duanmu) Zhongruan by Liang Hao, with warm and clear tone. 

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      Concert Grade Rosewood Pipa with Camel Bone Pegs and Fret by Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand

      Pipa from Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand. Made from Rosewood with camel bone pegs and frets. An all white appearance is always attractive.

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      Musedo MT-60 Metro-tuner

      The MT-60 is a great 3 in one metronome + tuner + tone generator.

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      Ming Qing Aged Rosewood Erhu by YKM

      Premium Erhu made from Ming Qing old wood by YKM. Rich and full tone and very smooth to play. One of the best erhus to have.

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      Best Dizi Bamboo Flute Set in the World - In C, D, E, F, G Key - Collector's Item
      Best set of Chinese bamboo flutes in the world in terms tone, playability and looks.
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      High Quality Erhu Mute

      A mute for your erhu. Perfect if you want to practise your instrument in the still of the night.

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      Premium Rosewood 21# Guzheng (Xiang Qian Design) by Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand
      'Xiang Qian’—the combination of Rosewood carving and setting of materials such as seashells and bones is used to portray the windows in olden Chinese architecture.
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      A Shaped Foldable Guzheng Stand with Handle

      New 2-pc guzheng stand. Comes with handles for easy carrying. Lightweight.

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