All Things Gong

The Chinese gongs are part of the family of Chinese percussive instruments.

They play a very important role in more traditional Chinese orchestra works.

Some produce a pitch that bend, while others are capable of producing magnificent roars.

There are many different types and sizes of gongs, each possessing a unique tone and pitch.

The timbres of these gongs are characteristic of Chinese music, distinguishing themselves easily from Western ones.

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9.7cm Moon Gong9.7cm Moon Gong
9.7cm Moon Gong
    Regular price$12.00 SGD
    21.5cm Mid Pitch Hand Gong21.5cm Mid Pitch Hand Gong
    21.5cm Mid Pitch Hand Gong
    Regular price$35.00 SGD
    30cm Peking Gong30cm Peking Gong
    30cm Peking Gong
      Regular price$70.00 SGD
      Mike Balter Gong GM1 General Mallet
      Mike Balter Gong GM1 General Mallet
      Regular price$70.00 SGD
      Abelia Biflora Gong Mallet
      Abelia Biflora Gong Mallet
        Regular price$3.00 SGD
        Acer Mono Gong Mallet
        Acer Mono Gong Mallet
          Regular price$2.00 SGD
          100cm Chao Gong100cm Chao Gong
          100cm Chao Gong
            Regular price$2,200.00 SGD
            90cm Chao Gong90cm Chao Gong
            90cm Chao Gong
              Regular price$1,200.00 SGD
              80cm Chao Gong80cm Chao Gong
              80cm Chao Gong
                Regular price$900.00 SGD
                75cm Chao Gong75cm Chao Gong
                75cm Chao Gong
                  Regular price$750.00 SGD
                  70cm Chao Gong70cm Chao Gong
                  70cm Chao Gong
                    Regular price$650.00 SGD
                    65cm Chao Gong65cm Chao Gong
                    65cm Chao Gong
                      Regular price$550.00 SGD
                      60cm Chao Gong60cm Chao Gong
                      60cm Chao Gong
                        Regular price$450.00 SGD
                        55cm Chao Gong55cm Chao Gong
                        55cm Chao Gong
                          Regular price$300.00 SGD
                          50cm Chao Gong50cm Chao Gong
                          50cm Chao Gong
                            Regular price$250.00 SGD