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Xiao Instrument

The Chinese Xiao is also known as the Chinese vertical flute.  It is played in a vertical manner instead of horizontally, like the transverse flute.  A dimo is not needed to play the Xiao.  It has one of the most soothing sounds among flutes, and usually comes in the key of F or G.  

One of the most famous tune is 'Trail of the Angels' played by Chen Yue.  It was used in the movie 'Kungfu Panda' during the scene where Shifu plays his flute and reminiscence about the past.  

Xiaos are divided into Northern or Southern Xiaos.  Northern xiaos are the ones more commonly used and the Southern Xiaos are the ones with the root of the bamboo tree at the end of the flute.  

Our Xiaos are by master flute maker Dong Xue Hua and Xie Bin. 

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