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Wuhan Silken Cymbals

Our Collection of Crash, Splash, Hihat and Cymbals Set from Wuhan Silken.

Wuhan Silken Cymbals is a boutique cymbals making factory in Wuhan China founded by master cymbalsmith, Ken Cheng. Silken specializes in B20 cymbals designed for modern applications. The cymbals are forged, lathed and hammered using centuries-old techniques, but have a very contemporary feel, comparable to that of major manufacturers.

The entire Silken Cymbals lineup boasts quality craftsmanship and have a brilliant finish, offering a bright, clean sound intended for rock and pop performance. They offer quality, durability, and affordability in their cymbals like none other. Whichever series you choose, you are sure to find the right cymbals to fit your uncompromising style and budget.

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