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Pipa Instrument

The pipa is considered one of the most technically challenging out of all the Chinese traditional instruments. However, don't let that belief daunt you - the pipa is able to play beautiful repertoire, making it worthy of your practice.

While it is common convention to play the pipa with fake nails, alternative playing methods have grown increasingly popular amongst experimental musicians - some play with a pick, for example.  

Feel free to browse through our pipas below, which originate from Shanghai and Beijing.  Beijing pipas have a brighter tone as compared to Shanghai pipas, which tend to have a warmer tone.

If you need help or want a demo of any particular model, please feel free to email us at support@easonmusicstore.com.

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Starter Child Size Pipa by Yin Song Lan
Regular price $250.00 SGD
    Popular Huali Wood Pipa by Yin Song Lan
    Regular price $450.00 SGD
      Concert Hua Li Pipa by Qiu Ting Yu
      Regular price $1,300.00 SGD