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Zhonghu Instruments

Here are 5 reasons to buy a Zhonghu from us:

1.  Zhonghus need to be properly set up as well - we do that before shipping to make sure it sings well.

2.  Part of the Zhonghu is made from snakeskin and a CITES certificate is provided as well. 

3.  If your Zhonghu goes missing during shipping, don't worry we will send you another.

4.  We can do a video demo for you so that you can hear exactly how your Zhonghu sounds like. 

5.  We love our instruments!  We extend the same love to all the instruments that we ship out.  

If you need any help in choosing a Zhonghu, please email us at admin@easonmusicstore.com.  We will give you our frank recommendations based on you budget and needs.  Start browsing our selections below now!

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