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      JOYO JT-05 Mini Clip On Tuner With Blacklight

      JOYO JT-05 Mini Clip On Tuner With Blacklight

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      Whether you play Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin or the Ukulele, this "JOYO JT-05" clip on tuner is exactly what you need to make sure every string is tuned correctly. Clip the tuner onto your instrument and a just the tuner for best viewing angle. Once the tuner is in place simply play a single note and the tuner will display the note name. This tuner has a tuning range from 0A (27.5Hz) to 8C (4186.01Hz). The tuner has a LCD display and a backlight so you can see clear exactly what note is being played; this allows convenience and is considered more efficient. As this product is mini and weighs less than 0.15kg it is easy to transport, so you can take it to band practices or to performances by easily slipping it into your pocket.



      SKU Code  MTU11
      Good to know - Clip-on tuner
      - LCD display
      - Backlight
      - Mini design
      - Made in China