Teng CI Grading Books

In partnership with The TENG Company, Confucius Institute will be conducting the Chinese Instrumental Grading Examinations between the last week of November and the first week of December.
The main objectives are:
1. To set up an examination system that will be recognized and accepted by academic and fine arts institutions in Singapore and abroad.
2. To establish a coherent and consistent set of guidelines for facilitating systematic training of various Chinese musical instruments.
3. To promote appreciation and education of Chinese music in Singapore and the region. Since then, the examination has been attracting foreign candidates from countries including Malaysia, China, Japan and Indonesia.
The Examinations' syllabus includes these 16 instruments in the Chinese orchestra: Guzheng, Erhu, Dizi, Yangqin, Pipa, Ruan, Liuqin, Gaoyin Sheng, Zhongyin Sheng, Gaoyin Suona, Zhongyin Suona, Hulusi, Guan, Cello, Double Bass and Percussion. 
The Examinations are divided into 8 grading levels (Grade 1 to Grade 8) and an Advanced Performance level. They are open to all members of the public and overseas candidates are welcome to register! 
For enquiries on grading examination matters, please call us at 96488771.​​​
For more information, please visit http://thetengacademy.com​.
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