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      Rosewood 21# Guzheng (Fengya Design) by Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand
      • Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand Suan Zhi Wood Fengya Series Bottom

      Rosewood 21# Guzheng (Fengya Design) by Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand

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      Brand: Shanghai Dunhuang Music Instruments Co. Ltd 上海敦煌韵牌
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      This is a hand craving designed Guzheng that is only available in Singapore. The design of the Guzheng is a piece of exquisite calligraphy by a famous Singaporean calligrapher.

      The Guzheng is made from premium Rosewood (Suan Zhi Wood é…¸æ木). The premium Rosewood allows the Guzheng to produce balanced sounds in the high, mid and low ranges. When a string is struck, the notes produced are bright, solid and resonant.

      This Guzheng is suitable for performance standards, and for Guzheng lovers who are interested to have a fine instrument in their collection.

      It comes with artificial nails for playing the Guzheng, Guzheng stands for placing the instrument on, the Casing for storage and protection, as well as the tuning tool to tune the Guzheng.

      Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments Co., Ltd is the largest and most established Chinese Musical Instruments Factory in China.



      SKU Code TBZ36
      Material Premium Rosewood (Suan Zhi Wood é…¸æ木)
      Origin China, Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' Brand
      Grade Professional
      Accessories Artificial nails, Stands, Plaster, Soft Casing, Tuning Tool
      Good to know - Clear and bright
      Art form
      Hand carving
      Design Calligraphy
      Strings 21