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      Concert Grade Beijng Aged Rosewood Octagonal Erhu
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      Concert Grade Beijng Aged Rosewood Octagonal Erhu

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      This is a special octagonal Erhu by Beijing Raoyang music instruments factory.  It was originally custom made for friend, who in the end did not take it because of financial difficulties.  

      Why is it special?  Well, I made a call to the owner of the factory Mr Yang and told him that I wanted a good octagonal erhu for myself.  I told him that want it made with a good piece of wood and a thick and good quality piece of snakeskin.  The skin was to be fixed ever so tightly so I can slowly break it in.  The owner duly obliged and made me an Erhu using a good piece of aged Rosewood.  The skin used is indeed of good quality and it is fixed tightly on the Erhu.  

      The result is an Erhu that has tremendous potential to sound really good.  It has mellowed substantially but still needs 6-12 months of daily playing to bring out the best of its tone.

      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

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      SKU Code SP1
      Material Aged Rosewood
      Origin China, Beijing
      Grade Concert
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Case, Bow
      Good to know
      - Specially custom made
      - Tremendous materials used
      - Tight and thick snakeskin that needs daily playing to run in
      - One and only piece
      - For experienced players



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