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      Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU Strings (Per set)
      •  Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU String(inner)

      Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU Strings (Per set)

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      MGH1Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU Strings (Outer string) 上海敦煌高胡外弦US$  1.17
      Stock: Stock available
      MGH1-2Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU Strings (Per set) 上海敦煌高胡弦US$  3.13
      Stock: Stock available
      MGH2Shanghai Dunhuang GAOHU Strings (Inner string) 上海敦煌高胡内弦US$  1.95
      Stock: Stock available

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      This is a set of professional Gaohu Strings from Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. 

      In the picture, the one on top is for the outer string and the one below for the below string.

      Versatile and good value for money. Works well on most Gaohus. Sold in a set. 


      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

      Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course! 

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      SKU Code MGH1-2
      Good to know - Versatile and good value for money
      - Works well on most gaohus