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      Premium E Key Dizi by Ng Teck Seng
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      Premium E Key Dizi by Ng Teck Seng

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      Brand: Ng Teck Seng 黄德成
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      On sale is a premium grade E key Dizi by Singaporean maker Ng Teck Seng.

      Through 20 years of relentless effort on research and development, Mr. Ng has achieved an impressive breakthrough in the application of Dizi making, namely the application of the Boehm principle in the open pipe of Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute); this forms a ‘golden triangle’ from the combination of the embouchure’s dimension adjustment, cork positioning, as well as the internal and external diameter dimension tuning.

      This thus not only solves inconsistencies in playing, but has helped established the core definition of a professional Chinese Dizi - i.e. of the highest standard, in full control of harmony and sound field, and able to project its sound to every corner of a concert hall without the need for amplification.

      His expertise has since culminated in the creation of this series of dizi.

      Comes with a velvet case, 1 pack of dimo(flute membrane) and 1 piece of Er Jiao.

      Click here to view a video on how to fix the dimo.

      Click here for a video on the basic techniques of playing the Dizi.



      SKU Code NTS(E)
      Material Bamboo
      Origin China, Hangzhou/Singapore
      Grade Concert
      Accessories 1 pack of dimo, 1 piece of Er Jiao, 1 velvet case
      Good to know - Beautiful tone
      - Length: 56cm