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      Starter Grade Dizi with Engraved Poem in D
      •    Wen Yuan Starter Grade Dizi in D - End
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      Starter Grade Dizi with Engraved Poem in D

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      Brand: Xie Bing 解兵
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      This is a Chinese bamboo flute - dizi in the key of D. 

      It measures 60cm in length and is in the key of D. It is made from bamboo and the ends are fashioned from bone. It has a copper joint in the middle for fine tuning of the instrument.  The flute is wound with nylon to prevent cracks due to changes in weather conditions.

      This is an entry level Dizi, for beginners and for trying Dizis out.  It still plays well, just that the tone might be thinner and the higher octaves might be harder to reach.

      Comes with a velvet case, 1 pack of dimo(flute membrane) and 1 piece of Er Jiao.

      Click here to view a video on how to fix the dimo.

      Click here for a video on the basic techniques of playing the Dizi.



      SKU Code WYS(D)
      Material White Bamboo
      Origin China, Hangzhou, Wen Yuan Dizi
      Grade Starter
      Accessories -1 pack of dimo, 1 piece of Er Jiao, 1 velvet case
      Good to know - Comes with copper joint for tuning
      - Length: 60cm



      - Coming soon.....