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      Travel Size Guzheng from Fei Tian, Yangzhou
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      Travel Size Guzheng from Fei Tian, Yangzhou

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      This is a Fei Tian brand travel size Guzheng made in Yangzhou.

      When we say travel size we mean something that is smaller than the actual size, easier for travelling with it.

      Some call it the youth size or kid's size Guzheng. 

      It is shorter in length as you can see from the picture where it is placed next to a standard size Guzheng.

      Travel size Guzheng has a smaller soundbox and will not sound as good as a standard size Guzheng.

      Especially so for this model made from whitewood.

      It comes with artificial nails for playing the Guzheng, the casing for storage and protection, as well as the tuning tool to tune the Guzheng.  (Do note that it does not come with a stand)



      SKU Code TBZ26
      Material Whitewood (æŸæœ¨)
      Origin China, Yangzhou, Fei Tian
      Grade Starter
      Accessories Artificial nails, Plaster, Soft Casing, Tuning Tool
      Good to know - Smaller in size (141cm x 30cm)
      - Weighs : 5.75kg

      - Stands not included
      - Does not sound as good as standard size
      Art form
      Design Yun (韵)
      Strings 21