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      The Sheng is a type of wind instrument in the Chinese orchestra.

      It is a free-reed instrument comprising of many reeds where you can produce single notes or chords.

      There are many of different kinds of Shengs.  There are the traditional ones with 21 reeds where you play holding in your hand, the 36 reeds Sheng with mechanism where you place on your lap as well as the mid pitch and low pitch Sheng where you play it like a piano.  

      We have listed below just 2 types of Sheng.  If you are interested in other types of Sheng, feel free to email us at

        Traditional 21-reed Sheng by Wu Shi 北京吴氏21簧传统笙
        This is a 21-reed traditional sheng by Beijing maker Wu Shi. It is a good option for those who are picking up the traditional sheng for the first time.
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        Soprano 36-reed Sheng by Zhao Hong Liang 趙宏亮36簧高音笙

        This is a 36-reed gaoyin (soprano) sheng by Zhao Hong Liang. This sheng features responsive keys and a good tone. It is professional grade.

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        Alto 36-reed Pai Sheng by Wang Zeshuang 王泽爽36簧中音排笙

        This is a 36-reed zhongyin (alto) sheng by Tianjin maker Wang Zeshuang.

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