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      Erhu Pickup

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      An Erhu pickup that works.

      Fixed onto all Erhus using a velcro strap.

      Comes with an on-off button and a volume control.

      The mic with an adjustable cord allows you to point the mic towards the rear of the Erhu resonator - the part where the sound comes out.

      Just connect the pickup to an amplifier using a quarter inch cable and you are good to go.

      Tested by buskers and it works better than normal mics.

      It sounds as good and the mic follows anywhere the Erhu goes.

      Connect it to an effects box and you step into a whole new world.

      Free shipping to anywhere in the world.

       Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course! 


      SKU Code EPU01HQ
      Good to know One of the best option to mic up your Erhu
      - Easy to setup and sounds awesome
      - Uses CR2032 batteries