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      Professional Grade African Rosewood Erhu by YKM
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      Professional Grade African Rosewood Erhu by YKM

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      SKU: YKM11

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      Brand: Yu Kai Ming 俞开明
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      This is another model from Zhejiang maker Yu Kai Ming. He uses a kind of rosewood from Africa and paired it with a good quality snakeskin. The wood has a reddish, orangey hue and looks wonderful. In terms of sound, it produces a tone that is bright, clear and warm. That brightness will mellow down after the instrument has been run in for sometime.

      This model is perfect for beginner and intermediate players.

      YKM, or Yu Kaiming, is a renowned maker that was once commissioned by Xi Jinping to make an erhu for the German Chancellor. 

      All our erhus come with CITES certificate to certify the snakeskin is from legitimate sources.



      SKU Code YKM11
      Material African Rosewood
      Origin China, Zhejiang
      Grade Professional
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Case, Bow
      Good to know - Bright, warm and resonant tone
      - African Rosewood Erhu