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      ERHU Fang Fang Blue Professional Strings

      ERHU Fang Fang Blue Professional Strings

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      This is one of the most recent and highly acclaimed Erhu strings from China.

      The strings are extremely responsive and produces a clean and sweet tone. Inner and outer strings are equal, with balanced highs, mids and lows. You will see a great improvement in volume especially on the high registers.

      Whether is it an old erhu, new erhu, beijing erhu, suzhou erhu or shanghai erhu, you can be sure that the volume, tone, quality and other aspects of the instrument have improved.

      You can play loudly without the noise, play softly without sounding thin.

      Outer String = 0.25mm
      Inner String = 0.42mm        

      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

      Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course! 

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      SKU Code MEH37
      Good to know - Balanced tone for inner and outer strings, high and low registers
      - Increased volume