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      Starter Grade Shanghai Spruce Wood Pipa
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      Starter Grade Shanghai Spruce Wood Pipa

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      SKU: TBPP3

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      Brand: Shanghai Dunhuang Music Instruments Co. Ltd 上海敦煌韵牌
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      On sale is an adult size Spruce wood Pipa made by 'Yun' factory of Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments factory. The primary material used for the body, pegs and frets is Spruce.

      This is a no frills model for anyone looking to own a Pipa for the first time. The quality of workmanship and tone of instrument far exceeds its low price tag. Besides, it comes with loads of freebies like a canvas gig bag, 2 pc instructional VCD, synthetic nails, extra 1st string, plaster and a tone generator.

      Everything you ever need in one price to start your musical journey with the Pipa!



      SKU Code TBPP3
      Material Sprucewood
      Origin China, Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' Brand
      Grade Starter

      Canvas Gig Bag, Extra 1st string, 1 set of Synthetic Nails,
      2 pc Instructional VCD, Tone Generator

      Good to know - Superb value
      - Suitable for beginners