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      Popular Grade Shanghai Dunhuang Premium Rosewood Erhu
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      Popular Grade Shanghai Dunhuang Premium Rosewood Erhu

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      SKU: HEH8

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      Brand: Shanghai Dunhuang Music Instruments Co. Ltd 上海敦煌韵牌
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      This is slightly better model than our very popular starter grade erhu HEH7.

      The rosewood used is of better quality and so is the snakeskin. The result is a sound similar to the sweet and bright sounding HEH7 but with a richer tone. 

      If you are looking to buy a starter grade erhu but do not want the cheapest, get this!

      All our erhus come with CITES certificate to certify the snakeskin is from legitimate sources.

      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

      Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course!



      SKU Code HEH8
      Material Rosewood
      Origin China, Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' Brand
      Grade Popular
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Case, Bow
      Good to know - Bright and sweet
      - Made of better quality rosewood than HEH7.