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      Musedo MT-60 Metro-tuner
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      Musedo MT-60 Metro-tuner

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      The MT-60 is a great 3 in one metronome + tuner + tone generator. Your practice will never be the same. You will never again have to look for your tuner in the middle of playing a song. It’s in there!! You can tune your guitar or bass flat up to 2 semi-tones.

      Train your ear to A4 with the tone generator.

      Plug in or use the built-in Mic to start to tune. Don’t want to keep plugging and unplugging? The MT-60 has a thru output to keep the tuner inline and ready when you need it! Multiple rhythms take this metronome to a higher level. You even can set your own tempo using the TAP TEMPO function. Be careful though, the MT-60 won’t speed up or slow down along with you! Play it straight and learn to keep proper time.

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      SKU Code MT-60
      Good to know
      • Tuner, Metronome, Tone generator
      • Comes with plug-in mic and batteries
      • Power supply:3V(2xAAA) batteries
      • Dimensions:113(W)x12(D)x54(H)mm
      • Weight:70g