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      KORG CA-1 Chromatic Solo Tuner
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      KORG CA-1 Chromatic Solo Tuner

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      With a size similar to an audiocassette case, the KORG CA-1 chromatic tuner tuner supports a broad range of C1 (32.70 Hz)-C8 (4186.01 Hz), allowing speedy and high-precision tuning of wind, string, keyboard, and other instruments.

      This orchestral tuner is ideal for tuning even low-register notes containing numerous overtones that are often difficult to tune.

      A high-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing easy and accurate tuning of acoustic instruments such as ukuleles.

      High accuracy and superb functionality have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. And now, the new CA-1 joins the best-selling CA series of band tuners. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and marks for pure major thirds and minor thirds, the CA-1 Chromatic Tuner packs basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into an ultra-compact body. - See more at:



      SKU Code CA-1
      Good to know -Compact chromatic tuner, ideal for brass band and orchestra
      -High percision Led needle type meter for stable tuning
      -Sound out produces a reference tone from the internal specker
      -Memory backup fuction
      -Auto power off function conserves battery life
      -Approximately 100 hours of continuouns use