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      Exquisite Master Class Low A key Dizi by Dong Xue Hua

      Exquisite Master Class Low A key Dizi by Dong Xue Hua

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      Brand: Dong Xue Hua 董雪华
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      On sale is an exquisite low A key Dizi by one of the most famous Dizi and Xiao maker in China, Master Dong Xue Hua.

      These dizis are made from carefully selected high quality white bamboo from Hangzhou. The dizi is nylon bound to prevent cracks due to changes in climate and has a copper joint in the middle for fine tuning of instrument. Each Dizi is beautifully crafted and engraved with Classic Chinese charactors.

      The two ends of the flute are made from buffalo horn to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The tone and sound produced is excellent. These are the preferred Dizis of professional Dizi players in China and represents the best quality Dizis to come from China. Intermediate to professional flute players, you're due one of these.

      Flute enthusiasts, you can do no wrong to add this to your collection.

      Comes with a velvet case, 1 pack of dimo(flute membrane) and 1 piece of Er Jiao.

      Click here for a video on how to fix the dimo on the flute.



      SKU Code DXH(LA)
      Material White Bamboo
      Origin China, Hangzhou/ Beijing
      Grade Concert
      Accessories -1 pack of dimo, 1 piece of Er Jiao, 1 velvet case
      Good to know - Excellent sounding and beautifully crafted
      - Length: 77.5cm, 30.5 inches