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      Concert Grade Aged Rosewood Erquan Erhu by YKM
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      Concert Grade Aged Rosewood Erquan Erhu by YKM

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      Brand: Yu Kai Ming 俞开明
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      Erquan Erhus are tuned to G D like the Zhonghu but they look very much like the Erhu (Erhus are tuned to D A). They are specially created to play the famous tune Erquan Yingyue (Reflections on the Erquan Lake). Their resonator is slightly bigger and the strings used are special Erquan strings different from Erhu or Zhonghu strings.

      This model is made from aged Rosewood and by maker Yu Kai Ming. The superior wood compared to the Rosewood version gives it a clearer and more articulate tone.

      YKM, or Yu Kaiming, is a renowned maker that was once commissioned by Xi Jinping to make an erhu for the German Chancellor. Click here to read more about YKM. 


      SKU Code EQ3
      Material Aged Rosewood
      Origin China, Zhejiang
      Grade Professional
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Case, Bow
      Good to know

      - Rich and smooth tone
      - Slightly bigger than regular Erhu and tuned G/D
      - Specially made to play Er Quan Ying Yue
      - Warm, clean and clear tone
      - Excellent!