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      Beijing Synthetic Skin Xipi Jinghu
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      Beijing Synthetic Skin Xipi Jinghu

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      The snakeskin on the Jinghu are notorious for breaking easily.

      So if you fancy a Xipi Jinghu for your orchestra, you can consider Jinghu that is made from synthetic skin. 

      Made by the erhu craftsmen from Beijing Raoyang musical instruments factory, the tone is loud and bright.

      Purists would, of course, ask for the real thing, but this sounds very close.

      Some orchestras in schools in Singapore have already switched to this.

      Only available for pre-order, which means we will only bring it in after you place your order.  (Waiting time will be longer thus)

      Click here for free videos on how to play the erhu!

      Click here for the world's first interactive erhu online course! 



      SKU Code JH1
      Material Bamboo, Synthetic Skin
      Origin Beijing Raoyang Musical Instruments Factory
      Grade Concert
      Accessories Set of strings, Rosin, Extra bridges, Bag
      Good to know - Made from Synthetic Skin