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        Bowed String Instrument
        Traditional Chinese bowed string instrument like the erhu, gaohu and zhonghu. Largest selection of quality instruments. Click here see and hear them at our online store.
        Wind Instrument
        Chinese wind Instruments in the Chinese Orchestra: Dizi, Xiao, Hulusi, Bawu, Xun etc. Watch our video samples and compare how they sound!
        Plucked Instrument
        Traditional plucked Instruments in the Chinese Orchestra: Guzheng, Liuqin, Zhongruan, Xiaoruan, Gaoyinruan, Pipa, Yangqin, Sanxian. Browse our selections here!
        Percussion Instrument
        Chinese percussion instruments in the Chinese Orchestra. We stock all kinds of Chinese drums, gongs and cymbals. View our quality products here!
        Western Instrument
        Western instruments like violins, cellos, double bass, ukuleles and more.
        Tuners, Metronome and Stands
        Music accessories for your musical needs. Check out our digital tuners, metronomes and music stands here.
        Reference Books and DVD
        Books, DVDs and CDs of various Chinese musical instruments. Pick up one and start learning today!
        Jiayue Bags and Cases
        Good quality bags & cases in assorted colours.
        Treasure Vault
        Here is where we store our special stocks and limited editions. Most of the instruments featured here are unique and 1 piece only.