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Hulusi is a free reed wind instrument that comes from Yunnan, China. 

Besides its queer exterior, it also has a unique tone that somehow reminds you of the mountains and rivers in Yunnan.  

The one problem about the Hulusi is that once the reed is can be faulty once in a while, resulting in harsh tones or no sound at all.

Hence, we always test the Hulusi to make sure everything is in order before sending the instrument out.  You can rest your mind at ease ordering a Hulusi from us.

    Professional Hulusi with Carvings in Bb or C
    A professional grade 3 tone Hulusi in the key of Bb or C with wood carving decorations.
    $ 73.82
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    Concert Grade Rosewood Hulusi in Bb or C
    A concert grade Hulusi in the key of Bb or C that is made from Rosewood. Great tone and ease of use!
    $ 116.55
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    Concert Ebony Sandalwood Hulusi in Bb or C
    A concert grade Hulusi made from Ebony Sandalwood. Great tone and ease of use!
    $ 139.86
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    Professional Grade Jing Tai Lan (Cloisonne) Hulusi
    Gorgeous looking Hulusi with Cloisonne (Jing Tai Lan) Design. Plays and looks excellent. Comes with a case.
    $ 104.90
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    Popular Grade 2 Tone Hulusi
    This is an entry level 2 tone Hulusi. Plays well and sounds good.
    $ 34.97
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