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    Bags & Casings
    Soft gig bags and hard casings for your Erhu and Gaohu.
    Check out our fine selection of Shanghai or Beijing bows for your Erhu, Gaohu and Zhonghu.
    Bridges of different materials and shapes for your erhu, zhonghu, gaohu and jinghu.
    Largest selection of strings for Erhu, Zhonghu, Gaohu and Jinghu. Can't decide what strings to buy? Click here.
    Books & CDs
    Erhu instructional books, VCDs and DVDs.
    Other accessories like belt clips, qianjin, mute, rosins, adjustors etc
    Rosins for Erhu and Violins | We stock different kinds of rosins with different stickiness and grab for your different needs. Browse them at our store here!